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Making Money doing work that is out of alignment with our Soul Purpose can be just as suffocating as not making any money at all.

I help Soul-preneurs achieve financial sovereignty doing what they love while changing the world.


Hi!  I’m Jill Brooks: CPA, Transformation Guide & Energy Healer

I know, those labels don’t usually go together but that’s what makes me uniquely qualified to help you recreate your relationship with money which translates into big shifts!

Many times people think they have “money problems” but most of the time, scarcity and lack is the symptom, not the cause.  

The root of the issue usually lies in some core fundamental belief like being unworthy, not understanding their value, or doubting their ability to earn and create wealth.  

What if you healed the beliefs that keep you stuck in scarcity? What if you viewed yourself as whole and perfect, and had confidence in your earning capacity?

Maybe you are trapped in a masculine approach to work by sacrificing all other areas of your life to get ahead.  You work too much, are tired and burnt out, and yet can never seem to shift out of this pattern. 

What if you learned a different way, a more feminine approach to work that allowed for ease and flow in your life while achieving better financial results? 

When our work aligns with our Soul Purpose, it doesn't feel like work!


Maybe you were raised in a home where there was a lack of resources, so you were programmed to believe your only option is to struggle. While it’s true the man-made financial systems and structures in place skew wealth to benefit certain groups and withhold from other groups, we all have Soul Medicine we are here to bring into the world which can help balance out the playing field.

What if you knew how to work around the repressive financial systems?  What if you knew that what you were creating had incredible worth and value in the world?

How would your life change?

I help spiritual entrepreneurs and soul-led women become more empowered by showing them how to tap into their magic to create their own financial sovereignty.


Think of me as your money therapist!

Does this feel familiar?

"I wish I wasn't so stressed about money. It would be so peaceful to have everything organized and streamlined."
Image by Katie Harp
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Testimonials & Stories!
"Working with Jill has brought deep healing and clarity to my relationship with money and my work. Her ability to compassionately guide me through creating new financial structures for my healing practice has helped me clear out past shame around finances to create a financial system that truly supports me." - Cara H
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It is scientifically proven that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, and all energies are connected.  Some people think this is a New Age concept but it’s not!  Albert Einstein wrote about it back in the 1800’s.

Check out my blog here for more details!

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