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Cosmic Miracles Coming Soon!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Uranus and Jupiter conjunct at 21 degrees in Taurus on April 20, 2024

All the astrologers are talking about the cosmic party occurring in the sky on April 20th, 2024. Who headlines this Cosmic Party you ask? Uranus and Jupiter, who will conjunct (position at the same point in the sky) at 21 degrees Taurus on April 20th, 2024.

Jupiter is the Great Benefic associated with good fortune, abundance, higher philosophies and wisdom, growth and expansion, faith, and travel.

Uranus is the Cosmic Disruptor known for surprises and innovation, creativity and revolutionary downloads, new technology, rebelliousness and sudden upheaval, and change for the betterment of humanity.

They will meet in the sign of Taurus which rules love, money, values, and self-esteem.

Taurus is an Earth sign also associated with music, beauty, and nature. Taurus has a "building" energy, an energy of bringing something into existence....

It’s the sign of manifestation!

What will happen when these two giants meet in the sky? The jury is out on that one as every astrologer has a slightly nuanced take, but most agree that it’s going to shake up the status quo significantly. Collectively, astrologers are expecting this conjunction to bring sudden, unexpected opportunities and great windfalls in areas of your chart where you have heavy Earth signs. You could be suddenly struck by a desire to embark on a never-before thought-of new path, you could notice a change in what you value and hold dear, of what's important to you. You could be inspired to launch a new program or shift your career in a direction that you hadn't thought of previously (and your mind tells you is crazy), or you could experience new opportunities, an expansion in your network, relationships, or money situation. Quite possibly, you experience a shocking and sudden urge to create something entirely new and innovative to better humanity. Anything is possible when Uranus is involved! And Jupiter multiplies the effect as it is the great expander! We will all feel it on a collective level, but how it impacts you personally depends upon where Taurus (and other Earth signs) fall in your chart and at what degrees. Eager to find out more? Then keep reading!

If I haven’t emphasized it enough already, this is going to be a HUGE cosmic event and Spirit has made it abundantly clear (pun intended) that we can use this energy to Quantum Timeline Jump and propel our creative, love, and money endeavors forward, to expand exponentially by using this cosmic energy, so I've decided to hold my own cosmic party to honor THAT cosmic party! (Check out the RETREAT tab)

Uranus has been in Taurus since mid-2018 but it’s now in the 20+ degrees, the Master degrees, and Jupiter entered into Taurus in May of 2023. Jupiter moves faster than Uranus so she has been inching closer and closer to Uranus and will finally meet up to dance with him in April 2024. I have my Saturn and Moon in Taurus which has prompted significant change in the last two years of my life. I am constantly amazed at the curveballs these two are throwing at me to push me out of my comfort zone and into a life that is more aligned with my Soul calling and fulfillment. I also am having an influx of clients coming to work with me who, guess what, have significant Taurus placements. Here is a glimpse into what I am seeing and experiencing with this energy:

  • One client is deeply immersed in her creative process with a lifelong dream to bring her art into the world through the form of an Oracle deck.

  • Another client has ditched her Corporate job to become an entrepreneur and transformation coach, and is also immersed in the creation of a Tarot deck.

  • One client is bringing her dream of creating a non-profit that serves to heal and transform trauma-ridden military veterans.

This is just a sampling. There are too many to list here, but my question for you is…

What dreams are you being nudged to pursue? What is most alive for you but that you have been desperately trying to keep at bay by avoiding, distracting or reasoning away the urges and messages you are getting to uplevel your life?

This is the energy I hold with my clients; it’s where I love to be. Using the brilliance of our innate blueprint and conspiring with the Universe for the divine timing to propel Soul-preneurs forward on the path of their dreams. It’s more accessible to us than ever before and is all leading up to this cosmic event and the aftereffects that will unfold if we take advantage of this energy.

What gets in our way? WE DO... by ourselves, our mind grabs ahold of the what ifs, I can'ts, I shouldn'ts, and what will people thinks, which stops us from following the nudges of our soul. Maybe you know exactly what dream you want to manifest but just haven’t taken action, or maybe you know it's time to expand and grow in a new direction but you don’t know what that direction is... wherever you are on your soul journey, this energy is certain to shift things up so let's bask in it together on sacred land with a group of like-minded Souls to move us forward. We do not want to miss the cosmic path that will be unfolding for us. There is power in numbers, and I have so much potent magic, inspiration and community planned for this retreat!

If you want more information about this retreat centered around innovating and expanding your value and worth, Align your Soul to Cosmic Miracles, more information can be found here.

If you are curious where this cosmic party will occur in your natal chart, and what energies will be supporting you to live your best life, I would love to explore this with you in a 2024 Year in Advance Soul-Preneur Blueprint Session (found on my SERVICES tab)

This session is free for Align Your Soul to Cosmic Miracles Retreat Participants, so why not just come to the Party?!

As for how the uniting of these two has been affecting me recently... I just collaborated with Spirit to write a song this morning called Moonbeams, inspired by the energy for this retreat. Music has made a resounding comeback into my life and I'm having so much fun being in my creative process with it. (Yes, I will play this for you at the Cosmic Party!)

Of course, holding this retreat is also where I am innovating and expanding my Soul-Preneurship. I hope you can feel my excitement and will join me!

Reach out to me at if you have specific questions or click here to schedule an exploratory call.




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