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I was tired of making rich men become even richer. I want to work with the healers of the world.


I have been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for the last 25ish years managing the accounting and finance functions for various companies in Corporate America. I’ve worn many hats and have accumulated a wealth of  experience and knowledge in accounting, audit, taxation, budgeting, reporting, new business start-up and process creation, but my favorite part of my job was always coaching and mentoring my staff. 

Prior to my departure from Corporate America, I was the Global Corporate Controller for a multinational billion-dollar corporation overseeing all accounting and taxation for eight companies with a global presence. Simultaneously, I was on a journey of spiritual growth and awakening, of deprogramming who I was taught to be and uncovering who I am at a Soul level, of identifying what brought me joy and purpose in life. The two paths were incompatible.  

I followed my intuition which led me down a path of self-discovery, and ultimately to uncover gifts as a healer, coach and channel of Divine inspiration. And voila! The Spiritual Accountress was born!  

Now I help empower women to find personal and financial sovereignty by combining my expertise in the fields of accounting and finance, coaching and mentoring, Astrology, Human Design, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Feng Shui, Quantum Psionics and Intuitive Guidance to uncover and expand their innate magic. I am honored and privileged to support my client on their healing journeys, allowing them to find their power and passion, and inevitably tap into their sacred wealth.



My mission is to help female spiritual entrepreneurs and soul-led women become more financially empowered by showing them how to tap into their magic to create a life of abundance, purpose and passion which inevitably leads them to their sacred wealth.


I value connection, authenticity, elegance and beauty, courageousness, creativity, trust, kindness, open-mindedness, equality for all humanity, facing and overcoming adversity, and finding our joy and purpose in life.


I believe that the Universe is naturally abundant and designed to help us prosper in all areas of our lives. I believe that there is unlimited assistance from the Spirit world to support us in living the best and most magical version of ourselves, far beyond that which we can dream. I believe that we all have a purpose in this lifetime, our own unique medicine to gift to the World, and that we find our joy by uncovering and sharing it with others. I believe that there is infinite potential for healing and transformation, and that each of us holds the key to unlock our innate magic as we are powerful, sovereign beings.  

If you read these and feel body chills, a spiritual tap on the shoulder, or any other kind of "Yes! Me too!" response, reach out and let's co-create some magic together!

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