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Money Momentum Mentorship and QuickBooks New Business Container

Working with Jill has brought deep healing and clarity to my relationship with money and my work. Her ability to compassionately guide me through creating new financial structures for my healing practice has helped me clear out past shame around finances to create a financial system that truly supports me. Jill's coaching using Astrology and Human Design provided huge clarity on which kind of financial structures and work styles feel most supportive and nourishing to the energy of who I am, which has been a game changer. She has been such a blessing to help me understand how to honor myself in my practice so I am the best version of myself for my family and clients. Rather than seeing managing my money as something that I dread, I now feel empowered and well-supported!

- Cara H.

Image by David Tip

Money Momentum Mentorship

I knew I needed to work with Jill when I found myself on the roller coaster of always having enough money for my bills but for some reason I couldn't seem to build wealth. I knew I needed help to shift my money mindset. Using Human Design and Astrology in her coaching, she helped me understand why I viewed money through the lens I had and how to use my charts to shift into a new relationship with money. I am thrilled to share that the SHIFT HAS HAPPENED and I am now showing up in ways that are creating the wealth I always knew I was capable of creating.

- M.L.S.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

2023- 2024 Year In Advance Soul-Preneur Blueprint Session

Wow! This session was absolutely amazing! I have been in some bumpy transits for a while that have impacted all areas of my life (personal, career, financial). These experiences have left me feeling lost and disoriented and questioning my life's purpose. At times, I have even wondered if I am going crazy or making too big of a deal out of nothing (likely related to being conditioned through patriarchal gaslighting). Jill validated that what I am going through is real. I am not crazy! I am exactly where I need to be right now. All of these challenges are growth opportunities that will ultimately liberate me and help me live in alignment with my purpose (and make money while doing that). Her empathy and guidance as to how to work with these shifts was a goddess-send for me at this time in my life.

- Lindsey T.

Image by Umesh Soni

2023-2024 Year In Advance Soul-Preneur Blueprint Session

Astrology is the hidden playbook cheat sheet for life. I could never understand the tiny details of all the nuances and intricacies that make up this VERY complex system. Thank goodness for Jill!! She is a magician at condensing years of knowledge into bite-sized pieces that you can easily use to move forward more effectively. Jill is able to translate your chart into details about your love life, career path, money, life purpose and life challenges. Her readings help you to go with the flow of life that YOU SPECIFICALLY are meant for instead of fighting against your inherent nature and perpetuating old patterns that aren't serving your greatest joy. If you are looking for guidance or clarity in creating your destiny with more ease and less resistance, I highly recommend Jill!

- Hannah M.

Image by Photoholgic

Money Momentum Mentorship

(3 month intensive with ongoing support)

After years of trying different financial practices through "experts", I still was doing little more than living paycheck to paycheck. I knew I was made for prosperity but somehow my bank account wasn't reflecting that. A financial opportunity presented itself to me and I realized that not only was my bank account not reflecting my prosperity but I didn't even know how to ascertain how much of the opportunity I could afford. I needed help; with my budget, with determining how much of a financial risk I could take, but most importantly with limiting beliefs that I knew were running the show. By our second session, Jill created a financial budget for me with future projections of what I could afford along with confidence that the opportunity was absolutely plausible for me. For the first time, I felt I truly understood my finances. I couldn't help but cry happy tears for the feeling of empowerment she had gifted me.


Jill has continued to hold safe, sacred space through our work together in a way that has allowed deep-rooted beliefs to surface and be released and is continuing to change the way I am showing up in my business and my life. I am reaching for far bigger stars than I ever imagined were possible and they all feel attainable. I am excited for the future that is unfolding for me knowing Jill is by my side walking me forward!

 - Melinda S.

Image by Tevei Renvoyé

Legal Entity Set-up, New Financial Structure Creation & Taxes

Jill, WOW. You are amazing. I have not touched down with much of the financial stuff yet but holy wow sister. I’m so supported and set-up in a way that I can understand.  Which is saying A LOT!!  I have waves of gratitude coming when I connect to your magic. I couldn’t have done it without you!!

- Samantha H.

Image by Shanon Palomino Salinas

Intuitive Reading and Bookkeepers for Spiritual Healers Class

Jill performed an intuitive reading for me and Wow, She was right on!  I had full body chills listening to the messages she gave me from tapping into my field remotely and reading my energy.  

I also attended her Bookkeeping for Sacred Healers class.  She is a really gifted teacher and I learned so much.  I have avoided these types of classes in the past, but she is able to take complex topics and simplify them for the class, explaining them in a way that makes sense.  It was actually fun too!

 - Laurie Z.

Image by Markus Spiske

QuickBooks New Business Container with Energy Healing

Jill is such a balanced practitioner. Combining her bold and knowledgeable corporate background in accounting and her magically gentle and deeply insightful spiritual presence, Jill makes me feel like she can navigate through any circumstance with me, and she has. As an energy facilitator myself, I have experienced many various modalities and I must say that she is able to utilize her energy healing work to help me excise the limiting beliefs and mindsets that have kept me from being able to switch my brain into getting the business aspects of my company handled.  And not just handled, but with confidence, courage and spirit (both the gusto kind and the guides & angels kind of spirit!). Whether you need to balance your books or your chakras, she is the one to bring you to the fulcrum.

 - Kelbi M.

Image by Kristopher Roller

 Quantum Psionics Session

From far away, remote sessions with Jill make me feel like galaxies collide and we are in a warm and safe embrace. I have been moved, and I mean physically and emotionally, by her energetic healing practices, and deeply.  Jill's methods allow for shifts on so many levels; whole body and mind as well as business and spiritual. I've been deep in a trance with her and then was internally prompted to jump up and journal about business ideas only to shake that off and relax back into receiving the profound energetic transmissions from her again.  And that's just one session we're talking about!

 - K. M. 

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Teaching Classes at Kairos Healers Academy

Jill has taught several financial empowerment classes for us in Kairos Healers Academy and each of them has been thoughtful, informative, supportive and magical.

Her unique combination of in-depth knowledge of financial systems combined with her polished skills as a healer allow for impactful mindset shifts.  After a class with Jill, you feel ready to jump into your finances as a form of empowered self-care.

Jill is compassionate, intuitive, funny and she holds a strong healing frequency.  Her classes have been potent for our students and we are thrilled that she will be continuing as a regular teacher for our school.

- Janet R. and Ina L., Owners of Kairos Healers Academy

Image by Mor Shani

Career-Focused Space Clearing & Feng Shui Session

Jill provided incredible insight around clearing space in my home that resulted in massive shifts and changes. Her intuitive approach and guidance is both gentle and helpful. She brings elements of joy and fun to her sessions. I feel very motivated after connecting with her as she seems to shed light on areas that need upgrades. She also provides a sense of how to move forward with achievable goals. I cannot put into words exactly how profoundly she has helped to create clarity in my life. She is truly a light in this world!

 - Sarah M.

Image by Diego PH

Quantum Psionics & Reiki Session

I have had the pleasure of receiving Quantum Psionics healing sessions with Jill. I had just completed a grueling 2.5 year long heavy metal (lead) chelation and was experiencing the aftermath of such.  I had a painful rash over my entire body and had developed a staph infection. My immune system was extremely weakened due to detox treatment. I was eating clean organic food (no grains/sugar/dairy), taking supplements, practicing yoga, meditating and exercising, however, I was not healing.  I arrived at Jill’s in tears after hitting a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bottom.  

The healing sessions I received were, what I believed, saved my life.  My symptoms dissipated, I felt connection to my Spirit Guides for the first time in a long time, and I had hope that I was on the road to recovery. Jill is a gifted healer in addition to being an extremely kind, honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable person. I don’t think I would have the quality of life I do today if not for Jill and the healing sessions I received.

- Susan P.

Image by Alexandra Gorn

Space Clearing, Blessing & Feng Shui Consultation 

When I contacted Jill, there were several factors contributing to me seeking her help. I had recently moved into a new home and even after several months in the home, I was having trouble feeling at home and settled. I also was feeling “stuck” in my life in general, and had felt this way for several years leading up to having this work done. It just felt like the Universe was guiding me to have this done, and I listened. Jill listened very well and I felt as if she understood what was going on and what I needed or wanted, even though I wasn’t sure myself; I felt as if she was in tune to what I was expressing. The questionnaire she presented to me prior to performing the ceremony was very in depth and the process of answering those questions in itself caused me to look a little deeper internally than I had in a while. I expressed my concern that perhaps I wasn’t doing it right and Jill was very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. 

Now to the day of the ceremony. From the start of the ceremony, it was obvious that we were not alone and a strong presence was there with us, and I mean that in a very literal sense. Without going into detail of the ceremony, I will say it was quite the experience. Many things that defy logical explanation occurred (one example: all of the electronics in my house rebooted from a “power surge” at the end of the ceremony), and if I hadn’t witnessed it myself and been a part of it, I am not sure I would believe someone if they told me. 

Afterwards, she gave me a detailed report of suggestions and changes I can make and how they related to my current spiritual and emotional status. It was alarming as to how spot on she was regarding my life and things that were holding me back. Since then, I made many (not all, but I am giving myself grace) of the changes she suggested. The changes that have taken place inside myself are many. I am so very grateful to Jill for her help, and as I told her, she should not have any doubt that she is doing exactly what she was put on this earth to do. Thank you Jill, you truly helped me and I received far more than I could have possibly imagined.

 - Tim L.

Image by Shashi Chaturvedula

Customized Guided Meditation and Reiki Session

Jill helped me through a recent challenging experience with care and compassion.  She performed a remote energy healing on me, utilizing Reiki and added a personalized guided meditation recording that helped me to calm down and work through the issues I was having.  Her Reiki was gentle but right on target and her guided meditation helped me tune into Spirit and find a healing path through my discomfort. I cannot recommend Jill highly enough.  She is kind, strong, confident and her abilities enabled me to open up to Spirit and find comfort, releasing my pain.

- Randy B.

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