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Money Momentum Mentorship

SEPT 2023- FEB 2024

Are you ready to infuse, energize and uplevel your finances? Are you stuck in old money patterns and behaviors that perpetuate blocks and stagnation, yet you don't know how to shift out of them?

Do you desire to fully utilize your gifts and offer your unique Soul Medicine to the World?

Do you love money but hate managing your finances? Do you wish you could find an easier, lighter way to work that offered more work-life balance AND more money?

Do you feel lost and uncertain about how to run a profitable business? Do you want to take action to invest in your small business, but don't know where to start?


If you have ever wished there was an Owner's Manual to teach you both the practical, logistical things you need to know about managing your business finances AND help you find your own frequency where working feels more fulfilling, more aligned and more abundant, then this program is for you!

My Money Momentum Mentorship provides a safe space with like-minded Souls to...

● Dive into the stories and limiting beliefs about your ability to be a Soul-Preneur with a fresh new perspective, identifying energies, patterns or habits that no longer serve you

● Engage in healing sessions to identify, break and release financial contracts (both from this and past lifetimes) holding you back

● Participate in collaborative sessions designed to help you know and embody your value and worth, which translates into more aligned pricing and increased dollars

● Receive an energetic upleveling shifting you into a new fresh lighter energy to infuse into your potent work

● Examine your relationship with money and recreate or uplevel this relationship

● Embrace meditative and visualization exercises, balanced with practical action-oriented next steps to further you down your aligned path

● Receive a robust and easy-to-understand financial education on all the topics you need to know to be a confident empowered SoulPreneur

● Understand the primary financial levers any business can push and pull to effect change to the bottom line

● Implement smart structures and systems that will provide maximum tax deductions to lower your tax and retain more dollars in your bank account

● Stretch outside of your comfort zone with creative exercises centered around money and self-worth designed to shift you into a new energy

● Receive an overview of the most important upcoming planetary transits and how these energies could potentially impact you based on your individual natal chart

● Redefine and expand your “comfort zone” to effect real change in your business.

● Learn to be open and receptive and charge what your services are worth

We'll make BIG changes using my Money Momentum Methodology 

Inspired Intention

Receive Replenish Reassess


Finding Your Frequency

Aligned Action

The reality of the situation is.... Most people will never venture outside the box, take the road less traveled, or trust their intuition. Most people will never take the leap of faith and make the changes their Soul is calling them to make. Most people, without help, will be in the same situation a year from now, two years from now...

Are you most people? Or are you a Soul-Preneur just waiting to embrace your dreams and commit to the support you need to blossom?

Image by Fuu J


Limited spaces available! 

Group zoom sessions run from Monday September 11, 2023 - Monday, March 18, 2024 (three 60-minute group sessions + one week of integration each month)

Pre-Program Bonus 90-minute 1:1 session in August before the Group portion of the program begins which includes a Money & Career Astrology Reading and Individualized Coaching

Investment to expand your Soul Medicine: 6 monthly payments of $555 = $3330

Access to coaching and support outside of group sessions (medium to be announced)

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