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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Spiritual Accountress”?

A Spiritual Accountress is someone who combines left and right brain approaches to finances, tangible and intangible, practical and magical. If it sounds interesting and unlike any other accountant you have crossed paths with, you are right!

What if I want to become more financially empowered but I just don’t know where to begin? 

You don’t have to know exactly what help you need, just that you are open and willing to try a new approach! If you feel stuck, have no idea what you are doing, are repeating the same patterns over and over, or have not yet been able to grow to the level of success you desire, my programs will help uncover the underlying culprits so we can shift the energy and help you to level up.

What if I want to work with you on something other than my finances? 

My Financial Empowerment Program is designed to bring into awareness that which has not yet been uncovered. Once we know what is causing the stagnancy, we can shift the energetics around it to propel you forward. This process works on areas besides finances (check out some of my testimonials on past energy work!).  

Who do you serve, who would benefit from your services? 

I help female spiritual entrepreneurs and soul-led women become more financially empowered by showing them how to tap into their magic to create a life of abundance.  Some of my favorite clients to work with are women who are just coming into their own sovereignty (divorce, etc) and need some help getting their finances in order, women who are tired of tackling work from a masculine dominated approach (overworked, burnt out and exhausted), women who are changing careers to something more aligned with their soul purpose, and of course women who are providing goods and services that are raising the consciousness of our planet. But you don’t have to fit into any of these descriptors; this just gives you an idea of what type of client lights me up!  Are you one of them?

Do you prepare tax returns?  

I provide a full suite of tax preparation and filing services for Individuals, Sole Proprietors, LLCs and LLCs taxed as an S Corporation under my CPA license issued by the State of GA. I am also an ERO (Electronic Return Originator) for the IRS. Therefore, I can process and file returns for any state in the US and ex-pats retain US citizenship and/or residency status.

If you set up my QuickBooks financial container, can I hire you to be my bookkeeper on an ongoing basis?

Yes! I am happy to not only create and implement your streamlined accounting systems and practices, but to provide the ongoing maintenance support to ensure your finances are kept in tip top shape. I am also happy to train and transition this function to you or your staff, or to another 3rd party bookkeeper as you desire.

Are you an investment advisor? 

Although I have my fair share of experience with investments, I am not an investment advisor. I can recommend one to you though (with a spiritual flare of course)!

Do you see people in person?  

Currently, I am only seeing clients over zoom. We are all part of the same energy matrix, so any sessions are just as powerful held remotely as they are in person.

What can I expect to feel during energy healing sessions? 

This depends on how sensitive you are to energy, and how open and receptive your field is. Most people feel a sense of wellbeing, relaxation, nurturance and support.  Some people see visuals, hear messages or feel various sensations in their body, but some people simply experience deep relaxation and peace. Sometimes emotions that need to be released will surface as well. Please know there is no right or wrong way to experience these healing sessions as we are all unique individuals. Only benevolent energy is transmitted; no harm can be done to you.  The intention setting process will ensure that only your best and highest purpose is being served. Whether you feel the energy transmission or not, you are receiving deep and profound healing frequencies that will provide shifts ranging from immediately felt and noticed to slowly integrated and noticeable over time.

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My financial empowerment coaching is designed to bring about REAL transformation in your money world.  All sessions are customized for your specific needs and desires.  One size never fits all!

Read about my individual journey of transformation in Sister Armor, Healing in Community, which was titled just that, One Size Never Fits All.


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