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My Spiritual Toolbox: Tools & Techniques I Use to Support My Clients

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

These are some of the healing modalities used in my Financial Empowerment Program! Of course, I also include financial education, tools and advice as well.

  • Altar Creation & Intention Setting- creating sacred space and becoming clear by setting intentions to help us bring into existence the shifts we desire

  • Reiki- a Japanese technique translating into sending “spiritually guided life force energy” remotely; I am attuned up to Level III and able to teach and attune others.

  • Hypnotherapy- induction into a trance-like state (using theta brain waves) allowing access to the unconscious mind in a heightened state of focus and concentration to effect changes in mental status and behavior.

  • Feng Shui-an ancient Chinese practice which uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

  • Human Design- a science (based on biochemistry, physics, astronomy and genetics) that shows each person his unique Design, his life goals and the essence of their mission.

  • Transformational Coaching- Focused on self-actualization; diving deep into an individual’s psyche focusing on who a person is and desires to become.

  • Intuitive Guidance- Messages and intuitive downloads received from Spirit

  • Quantum Psionics- a highly advanced and integrated vibrational healing system that works like a “cosmic interface” allowing us to access spiritual guidance and healing from our Higher Self by connecting to the Unified Quantum Field

  • Financial Education- Learning financial concepts that were never taught to you before or continue to cause you confusion

  • Financial Management Tools- Learning how to track and manage cash coming in and going out (in its simplest form), implementing systems that work for YOU, how to use this knowledge to make decisions, plan, etc.

  • Financial Accountability/ Assistance- Collaborate on actions to take to improve your finances based on your individual situation, assistance in taking these as needed

  • Integration Tools- Self-care tools, journal prompts for observations/ reflections, and fun Soul work to help you integrate the lessons and healings from our work together.

Certifications that I have received:

  • Reiki Master (Level III- Usui)

  • Certified Kairos Healer

  • Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

  • Certified Astrology Pro Reader

  • Certified Sourced Leader

  • Certified Sourced Retreat Leader

Have questions? To learn more about my program, go to my Services page or contact me! Let's chat!



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