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Transforming From Corporate America into My Most Magical Self

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Are you considering attending my Align Your Soul with Cosmic Miracles Retreat?

Your dreams are yours for a reason… They are not random. They are divine sparks of inspiration calling you forward to live your best life, the life you came here to live.

Is your Soul nudging you to do work or show up in a way that brings more meaning and purpose to your life? To others lives?

Are you standing on the edge of the cliff with your Soul prompting you to take a big leap of faith but your logical mind is screaming “No! It’s not safe!” Or maybe…

“You are crazy!” or…

“What will people think?”

Or have you recently taken that leap of faith and yet you feel like you are free-falling without a net to catch and support you?

I have been exactly where you are… on the edge of the cliff scared to jump… In fact, I set up camp and stayed there staring out over the edge of the cliff from the safety of my tent for many years.

And then when I finally jumped, I “took it back” and crawled back up and sat on the cliff again. If only I had known then what I know now…

I had a 20+ year successful high six-figure career in Corporate America and was the top-ranking female Executive at my company. I had career, reputational and financial success… but inside I was spiritually bankrupt. I was living a shallow existence going through the motions. My Soul was calling to me, telling me there was something much bigger out there waiting for me if only I would listen. It would require me to be courageous in way I had never been before….

You see, my career was a large part of my identity. It was the one thing that was always constant in my life, the one thing that I could rely on. My logical mind was good at problem-solving and creating financial systems and structures. How could I go against what it was telling me which was that I would be crazy to give up all of the Corporate accolades to venture out into the unknown. Wouldn’t I?

And yet, every year that I ignored the nudges from deep inside of me that were prompting me to take action into a more Soul-aligned path, the louder they got and the more discontent I became.

I was on a journey of spiritual growth and awakening, of deprogramming who I was taught to be and uncovering who I am at a Soul level, of identifying what brought me joy and purpose in life. This path was incompatible with my Corporate career. One of them had to go.

I took a leap of faith and left Corporate America, only to return to it because it was familiar and I was completely out of my comfort zone. I was once again reminded of how unfulfilling this prior life was, back in this very restricted existence and so I left again… and came back again…

It took several years of being in this confusing back and forth energy, but eventually, I found my way forward and created work that is aligned with my Soul purpose. I am lit up every day as I get to help Soul-Preneurs achieve financial sovereignty doing what they love while they are changing the world. So why was the third time a charm? What changed?

I committed 100% to moving forward and I got help! I closed the door on the security blanket “I can always go back” and invested in myself and the future my intuition was leading me towards. I took out the “energetic trash” and let go of patterns, thoughts and habits which were holding me back. I took courses, hired coaches, went to retreats, and surrounded myself with a support network who held me up when I had moments of uncertainty, ones who had walked this path themselves, and knew what I was going through. Now I help Soul-Preneurs find their magic and purpose in life.

Why is this story relevant? Because it was exactly the Uranus in Taurus energy that prompted the disruption in my life. I felt it and tried to make the monumental changes on my own when I needed support. I needed someone to help me make sense of this overwhelming desire to dismantle everything I had built in my life for the belief that I had a bigger purpose and calling awaiting me.

This energy is STILL HERE and is GROWING in potency. When Jupiter, the planet of expansion that multiplies everything it touches meets up with Uranus in the sky, it’s the perfect time to discover, uncover or rediscover how you truly want to innovate your life.

If you are being nudged, pulled or forcibly pushed by your internal guidance system to make changes in your work or how you show up in the world to be more aligned with your gifts and purpose…

If you are being called to show up in a bigger more visible or more expansive way to contribute to the betterment of society.

If you KNOW you need to be courageous and take a leap of faith but have no idea how or when, and are hesitant to disrupt your status quo….

I see you and I honor where you are. This retreat is for you!

Or if you are someone who has taken that big leap but aren’t achieving the results that you desire…

If you are wavering on your commitment to keep walking towards the life your Soul wants to live, this retreat is for you too!

Whether it’s work, lifestyle or relationships that you dream of changing, there is no better time to act than during this cosmic portal of expansion and innovation.

Reality check: Your dreams are real and exist for a reason. By living your best life, the one you are being called to embark on, you raise your vibration which ripples out affecting everyone in your life. You have a medicine that the world needs desperately. People are craving it and yet starving at the same time by continuing to stay stuck in the boxes they have outgrown.

The reality of the situation is…

  • Most people will never venture outside the box, take the road less traveled or trust their intuition.

  • Most people will never take the leap of faith and make the changes their Soul is calling them to take.

  • Most people, without help, will be in the same situation a year from now, two years from now.

Are you most people?

Or are you a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience just waiting to embrace your dreams and commit to the support you need to blossom…

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Align Your Soul with Cosmic Miracles





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