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"If You Build It, They Will Come..."

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

This phrase was repeatedly in my awareness... Would I listen and respond?

Before I get into the heart of this post, I need to give you some backstory first. As a budding Soul-Preneur, I was determined to immerse myself in the sacred work that ignited my passion- the harmonious fusion of 3D and 5D approaches to money (and of course to become cash flow positive as soon as possible!) I had started and built many companies from the ground up during my time in Corporate America, but this endeavor was different. This was MY new business, and MY money was at stake. The spiritual expansion magician part of me collided with the logical practical accountant within me. One wanted to reach for the stars and make my dreams a reality; the other wanted to count every penny and save for the rainy day. Could these two parts of me find common ground and coexist?

In the spare bedroom on the second floor of my home, I had set up a hybrid office and healing space. I filled it with furniture from my past corporate life, believing it would suffice. But tangible objects carry ethereal imprints, and the energy of my former career lingered, hindering the resonance with my current vibrational alignment. It was no wonder I couldn't concentrate; I felt disconnected, distracted, and out of place.

Trying to reclaim harmony, I embarked on a journey of space clearings and implemented feng shui practices. I infused the room with nature elements through biophilic design. I experimented with different working hours and replaced artwork that aligned with my newfound calling. Despite my best efforts, I was still struggling. Even the assistance of my witchy friends brought only modest shifts. Moreover, the proximity of my workspace to my 16-year-old daughter's room compounded the challenge, as the thin walls proved futile in blocking out the distracting sounds of her TikTok universe.

Desperate for a solution, I turned to my Spirit Guides, seeking a Plan B—or perhaps even a Plan Z. And, in the realm of dreams and waking reveries, visions of a magical space emerged. This space beckoned me to create, to heal, to coach, and to foster transformation—a haven spacious enough to host workshops and intimate retreats. The phrase "If you build it, they will come," echoed in my being, reminding me of the mysterious guidance from the movie, Field of Dreams. Intuitive nudges, indeed, sometimes unfold beyond the boundaries of logic, inviting us to embrace the extraordinary.

This vision grew in strength, weaving itself into every corner of my consciousness. I overheard someone in the grocery quoting this same phrase from Field of Dreams, and when I told my Significant Other about the vision of this new office space, he literally said out loud, "If you build it, they will come." I recognized these winks from the Universe that had guided me in the past. It was time to take some action.

I called a General Contractor, vividly illustrating the intricacies of my vision. I sketched an outline of the new space, with 20-foot ceilings and windows that covered two full walls, and a pitched metal roof. He responded with equal enthusiasm and commented about how fun it would be to build this unique space. Moments later, a piece of paper materialized, bearing a 6-figure number-- a cost estimate for this magical endeavor.

So, there I was, faced with the dream of creating a sacred space nestled in the midst of the forest, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views. The vision was crystal clear in my mind, but reality hit hard—I didn't have enough cash flow from the new business to even come close to covering the costs of bringing this dream to life. Contemplation consumed my days as I weighed the possibilities.

Weeks went by, and I found solace in the belief that if this endeavor was meant to be, the Universe would show me the way. So, I set my intentions with unwavering faith, seeking guidance from the forces beyond. I tuned in, opened my heart, and listened intently.

And then, as if perfectly timed by divine orchestration, synchronicity whispered in my life. A "random" text message lit up my phone, and there it was—the Universe's response to my intentions. It was a message from a real estate investor I had once supported with a loan years ago. According to our agreement, he wasn't scheduled to return the funds for another year and a half. But fate had other plans. He revealed that he was refinancing the property and would be returning my initial investment within the next few weeks. The amount he mentioned? It was an exact match to the six-figure cost quoted by the General Contractor. Wow!

In a state of awe and elation, I knew that this was the Universe's way of affirming my path. The decision was clear—I would build this sacred space, come what may. With a mix of excitement and butterflies, I embarked on the journey, and over five transformative months, the vision came to life. Of course, no great story is complete without its share of challenges. The project took longer than expected and stretched beyond the initial budget, pushing me to find resilience and trust in the process. But with each challenge came a precious opportunity for growth and perseverance.

Fast forward to today, and I'm sitting in my favorite space in the world—the haven I dreamed into existence. Surrounded by the serenity of the forest, embraced by the mountains, and blessed with the company of gentle deer and other creatures, this place resonates with my Soul like no other. Every day, I immerse myself in my business, focused and inspired like never before.

View from inside my new magical space... I invite you to sit with me in this sacred space.

I am planning my first retreat for Spring 2024. I have built it, will you come?

Opening The Doors

I would be omitting some of the magic if I didn't share this part of the story, which set the wheels of destiny in motion. I had not (and still have not yet) actively marketed my business or posted on social media. Knowledge of my new endeavor has been limited to my intimate circles, the friends, and spiritual communities I hold dear.

And yet, as I opened the physical doors of this sacred space for the very first time, a powerful energetic portal unfurled, inviting a tidal wave of transformation. It was as if the Universe itself conspired to spread the word, beckoning those in need of my unique approach.

Before I knew it, my inbox brimmed with texts and emails, and Soul-Preneurs reached out, seeking guidance and support on their own paths of Soulful abundance. This enchanting space now thrives as a beacon of hope, a haven of healing, and a sanctuary of Soulful exploration. As my Soul calling materialized into reality, my heart swelled with gratitude and anticipation for the wonders that lie ahead.

In this dance of synchronicity, I find solace, knowing that the Universe holds my hand on this journey. The doors of my new business swung open not merely to welcome clients, but to embrace the boundless opportunities that await. And as I step forth with courage and conviction, I am excited for what the future holds—a future painted with the colors of soulful growth and limitless potential.

Reflection For You

Reflecting on this journey, I am reminded of the intuitive nudges that seemed grandiose or implausible to my logical mind. Yet, it was precisely these nudges that unlocked the doorway to my Soul-Preneur journey upleveling. The experience reminded me to trust the whispers of my Soul, and to embrace the "too big" and "too outrageous" visions that lead us to our highest destinies.

If you find yourself yearning to heed the callings of your Soul, but you're unsure how to listen, or in fear to take action, know that you're not alone. Reach out to me, and let's embark on a journey of exploration together. I'm here to help you awaken your intuition, ignite your Soul's purpose, and manifest the extraordinary visions that beckon. Let us journey into the realm of possibilities, hand in hand, for our Souls are meant to soar beyond the confines of the ordinary.... and of course, welcome in prosperity while bringing our Soul Medicine into the world!

Reach out to me at if you are interested in retreating with me!



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